December 11, 2023

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Top Document Sharing Features

Document sharing is an essential element of many business processes. It can be shared documents between internal teams, or documents distributed to clients and prospects. It’s not just about giving easy access to files. Any excellent document sharing platform should include a variety of essential features.

It doesn’t matter if are a small-sized business or a large corporation. The best document sharing tools can boost your productivity. It’s because not all users are tech-savvy, and selecting a tool that is easy to use for all users will save time, reduce frustration and boost performance.

A key feature of any good document sharing software is its ability to work with different formats of files. This makes it easier to convert files and allows everyone to view and edit documents without difficulty. In addition, the best online file-sharing platforms also have robust search functionality that can be used to locate specific content quickly and efficiently.

Find a platform that integrates with other tools, such as CRMs, email and other project management tools. This lets your team members use the same platform across all their tasks, and enhance workflows by reducing the need for switching.

A platform that can tag and track documents will assist you in keeping an eye on which documents have been opened. This will eliminate the uncertainty of sharing and will prevent important documents from getting lost. Some platforms let you look up a list of screens of all participants at the bottom of the chat during real-time collaborative work.